It is a festive time, and devotees, even though from home, are celebrating these days with utmost devotion. After giving farewell to Maa Durga on Vijayadashami, Bengalis are ready to welcome Maa Lokkhi for Kojagari Laxmi Puja 2020. Also called Lokkhi Pujo, this year, the festival falls on October 30. The tradition may only be restricted to the Bengalis, residing across the countries and other parts of the world, the festival is extremely popular. Especially for the traditional patterns called, ‘Alpona’ and ‘Alpana’ that is beautifully designed on the floors on the house. Devotees wake up early in the morning, take a bath and start decorating the area where Maa Lokkhi will be placed, making the traditional pattern. Ahead of the festival, in this article, we bring you Lokkhi Pujo 2020 easy alpona designs. You can make these Alpana patterns at home to celebrate Kojagari Laxmi Puja.

Take any festival that Bengalis are involved in, you will find them drawing massive alpanas on the ground to celebrate the occasion. And especially, when its lokkhi pujo, you will find the designs in every household. The sadness that Goddess Durga leaves behind in hearts of Bengalis lasts long, but the community still choose to celebrate other festivals soon after it, believing that certain celebrations are better if they come once a year. Now it is time to observe Kojagori Lokkhi pujo.

The beautiful motifs and floral designs are usually created in front of the idol and also at the centre and corner to beautify your home. Using a small piece of cloth which contains diluted rice paste in water to naturally produce the white colour on the floor, the patterns are beautifully made on the floor. Check out these latest and easy Alpona designs to create at home.

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Aren’t they gorgeous? These alpona designs are traditional and easy to make at home. Being one of the oldest forms of Indian tradition, the designs are passed on from one generation to another. The festival of Lokkhi Pujo is enhanced with these traditional patterns on the floor.

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