Hanukkah 2018 Recipes: 4 Popular Traditional Dishes to Relish on Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights
Hanukkah traditional recipes. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Hanukkah or also called as Chanukah is an eight-day Jewish festival that usually falls in the month of November and December. In 2018, the festival began from December 2 and will end on December 10. Like every festival, Hanukkah celebrations are incomplete without traditional food items prepared on the auspicious occasion. Jews prepare a grand feast for their family and many also invite their friends to join in the celebrations. We have curated four popular recipes that will light up your guests’ faces and give them a taste of the traditional Jewish food. December 2018 Calendar: Every Food Lover’s Favourite Month Has Ice Cream Day to Eggnog Day Ahead of New Year Celebrations!

Festivals are a perfect occasion for family get togethers and celebrate the event with utmost enthusiasm and joy. While many follow their grandmothers’ recipes that have been followed for generations, some give a modern twist to the classic dishes. Fried foods are an integral part of the Hanukkah celebrations as it refers to the oil of the miracle. Popular dishes to prepare on Chanukah include fried potato pancakes (Latkes) and jelly donuts (Sufganiyot). If you want to surprise your Jewish friends with one of these dishes, follow the recipes given below and have a Happy Hanukkah celebration. Hanukkah 2018 Wishes: WhatsApp Messages & Stickers, GIF Images, SMS, Facebook Status & Happy Hanukkah Photos to Wish on The Jewish Festival of Lights.

Traditional Recipes to Make on Hanukkah

1. Latkes

2. Sufganiyot

3. Brisket

4. Challah Bread Pudding

Hanukkah all over the world is celebrated in different ways. Some play dreidel, exchange presents with one another and families come together to say prayers. Another significant ritual followed on Hanukkah is lighting of candles and placing it on a menorah. Throughout the eight days one candle is placed every night on the menorah and placed it on the window. Hanukkah is also known as Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights. Enjoy the Chanukah celebrations with these lip-smacking traditional Jewish foods. Happy Hanukkah 2018!