Happy International Men's Day to all men in the world. The day is dedicated to celebrating men all across the across on November, 19. The history of this day dates back to 1992 however, the project of International Men's Day was conceived one year earlier 1991. If you are a woman and want to appreciate the men in your life, you might want to plan something right. One of the ideas could be buying the man you want to feel loved, a gift. Now we all know that materialistic gift don't mean anything but sometimes a little something can actually show that you think about them, their likes and dislikes. International Men's Day 2019: All FAQs Answered About the Day Promoting Men's Health & Other Issues Faced by Them. 

But what to gift a man? I'm sure all women usually scratch their heads when it comes to buying a present for men.  Because honestly, the market caters to women better than men. Right from thousands of options available for something as simple as earrings to something like clothes. But there are certain gifts you can buy for the men in your life that can fit into your budget as well as make them feel like they mean a lot to you. Here's a list:

Fitness Gadget: When you love someone you want them to be healthy and happy. Buy him a fitness gadget. From something as small as a fitness band to maybe a couple of resistant bands or an even a yoga mat for that matter, if you do not want to get into gadgets. Go ahead and gift them something that will make them healthier.

Experience: Now this is extremely personal because it clearly depends of what the man likes. It can be a long drive to their favourite coffee shop or simply a shopping session he always wanted. Gift him something that will remain with him in the form of memories more than a material.

Books: If the man you care for is a nerd buy them their favourite Book. Figure out if they like the paperback ones or maybe a kindle if they are not into real books.

Massage: Men don't often express this but they too love to get massages. Book him a spa tickets and get going.  Or even a pedicure, manicure session if they wish to. Give them a relaxing day away from everything.

The idea behind gifting men on International men's day is to make them feel that you care. It can be via a gift or any other way they like. Sometimes all they want is a day off when they can sleep at home in peace. So figure out what they want to act accordingly.



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