Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018: Here are Some Unique Gift Options for Your Mom on This Special Occasion
Gift your mother and make her happy this Mother's day (Photo credits: Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels)

'A mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible,' says a quote by author Marion Garretty. The quote simply depicts how a person can do anything as long as their mother is by their side. The kind of support and care a mother gives her child is unmatched by anyone else. A mother is a great source of inspiration and her love will help any person grow by leaps. Although we all appreciate her efforts we fail to recognise them on a regular basis. Every year we celebrate Mother's Day and this year it will be celebrated on May 13.

It is important that at least on one day we take the efforts to make it is a special day for the prime support in our lives. In our constantly busy routine, we tend to forget that we need to buy something or plan a surprise for her. If you too are in a fix about to give your mother, then let us help you out.

Here are some gift ideas for Mother's Day 2018:

Spa coupon

A mother is working round-the-clock. She barely gets some time for herself. Make this mother's day, one for her indulgence. Arrange for a spa/massage coupon and let her have an indulgent time. She will definitely feel relaxed after a good massage.

Shopping spree

We often go shopping with our mother, even though she may crib about the price or our choice. But now it is time to switch roles. You can take your mother to her favourite store and get her what she wants to buy. Make it a shopping spree for her and she will appreciate and tell about it to her friends.

Dinner treat

A mother ensures to make our favourite food several times. You can for a day take control of the kitchen and prepare something. It could be basic but she will appreciate that you cooked something for her. If you are not very comfortable with cooking, then take her out for lunch/dinner. Give her a break from her regular chores.


How much ever utensils or kitchenware your mother has, she will never say no for one more. You can get anything that will ease her daily efforts while cooking. It could be a new mixer or a roti-maker. With so many innovative kitchenware available online, you need not go visit a store. Let the gift come straight to the door. If you do not want to spend a lot, you can also gift something as simple as mittens and apron.

Personalised items

There is nothing no more special than a personalised gift. A gift item that is specially made for her. It could be a photo frame, a cushion cover set or a postcard. When you put in efforts to make something by going out of the way, it will definitely work. A nicely written personal message appreciating her efforts can convey your love and will definitely make her happy.

A Day Out With Mother

Your mother deserves a good break. Plan a good one-day outing, it may not be out of town. You could take her to any place that she has been longing to go but hasn't found the time as your routine keeps her busy. It could be some relative or her friend. If not, just plan a trip somewhere nearby and let her indulge.

These are some ideas which will bring a smile to your mother's face, and isn't that something we all love watching? If you cannot manage any of the above, then just make some time and have a good conversation with her. When was the last time you spoke heart-to-heart with your mother? Ask her how does she feel, how she is doing. These conversations are important and not just for a day, but regularly. A mother is a source that inspires you and you should give her your time, although she may not ask for it. If you have any other gift ideas do share them with us in the comments section. Hope you all find the perfect gift for your perfect mother.