Shravan 2018 Fasting Recipes: Enjoy Your Somvar Vrat With These Delectable Fast-Friendly Food & Recipes
Fasting recipes for Shravan Vrat (Photo credits: YouTube stills)

The holiest month of the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan is about to begin from July 28. The fifth month of the Hindu calendar, Sawan is a month dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, Among all the days of the month, the Mondays in Shravan have extra auspiciousness to it, since it is a day dedicated to Lord Shiva. While people follow the traditional rites and rituals of abiding by eating non-vegetarian food for a month, fasting in this month also holds special significance.

Called as the Shravan Somvar the fasting on Mondays is considered to be blessed with happiness and receives a lot of blessings from Lord Shiva. There is also a belief that fasting on this day will give you all the pleasures in the world as the Lord's desires are fulfilled. The Shravan Somvar Vrat is thus an important custom of the month. If you are worried about what to cook during the fasting days, then we have some fasting recipes for you. There are some delectable items which you can cook and even relish your fasting period. Sawan (Shravan) Somvar Vrat 2018: Rules & How to Observe Fast, What to Eat While Fasting in the Holiest Hindu Maas

Take a look at some of the Shravan fasting recipes:

Rajgira Thalipeeth: This is a very healthy option to have during your fasting period. It is made of puffed Amaranth flour. It is a very common dish made by Maharashtrians during fasts.

Watch the recipe of Rajgira Thalipeeth:

Fasting Batata Vada: Batata Vada is such a favoured snack among many that it may be disappointing that you cannot have them while you are fasting. But you can very well make it with other ingredients that qualify for fasting. You can surprise your family members by making fasting batata vada and make fast enjoyable even for them.

Watch the recipe of making Fasting Batata vada:

Sabudana Thalipeeth: Sabudana is a common fast-friendly item and it can be modified to make several yummy dishes especially for fasts. The Thalipeeth is made of a dough very similar to a Sabudana Vada, only here you roll it out to make flatbread.

Watch the recipe of Sabudana Thalipeeth:

Upvas Dosa: It is quite common to have a craving for things which you cannot eat during fasts. But if you love dosas then with this recipe you can also enjoy them during your fasting days. It is made from Sabudana flour and Sama rice.

Watch the recipe of making fast-friendly Dosas:

Aloo Halwa: Since a fasting limits what you can eat, you cannot really enjoy great desserts which you would be regularly relishing. But with this aloo halwa made with you can have a good dessert even if you are fasting. Since it has almonds and pistachios, it also adds to the nutritional value.

Watch the recipe of Aloo Halwa for fasting:

Aloo Fruit Chat: You may not have heard of this dish that often and while it may sound too fancy let us tell you it is very easy and also a quick snack for your fasting days. Instead of only eating fruits, you can stir them up together to make a quick fast-friendly snack.

Watch the recipe for making Aloo Fruit Chat:

These are some of the fasting items which you can relish while you are observing fasts. If you have any more fasting recipes, do share them with us.