Sawan (Shravan) Somvar Vrat 2018: Rules & How to Observe Fast, What to Eat While Fasting in the Holiest Hindu Maas
How to observe fast during Shravan month 2018. (Photo Credits: Vinod Cookware/Twitter)

The month of Savan or Shravan is the holiest month in the Hindu Calendar. And every year the auspicious day falls in the months July and August. This year Shravan Maas begins on July 28 and will end on August 26. Although the entire month is important to Lord Shiva, Mondays in Shravan are considered extremely significant. Every Monday during the Shravan month, devotees observe fast. According to Shiva Purana, those who observe fast during Shravan Maas have their desires fulfilled and are blessed with the grace of Shiva.

During this month, wearing a Rudraksha is also considered auspicious. Unmarried women pray and observe fast for a good life partner and married women do it for health and long life of their husband. If fasting everyday is not possible, then at least every person should keep fast on every Mondays of Shravan month. Sawan 2018 Hindu Calendar: Dates and Puja Vidhi of Shravan Somvar Vrat For the Holy Month

Fasting Rules & How to Observe Fast During Shravan 2018

People can observe fast in two ways - austere fast and partial fast. In austere fasting, a person does not eat anything for an entire day except for drinking water. The fast is broken in the evening after sunset and regular food without onion and garlic is consumed. While in partial fasting, one can eat fruits and permitted foods like sabudana, rajgiri atta, sweet potato and nuts in the day and eat one meal in the night.

Those who observe strict fasting avoid table salt and consume black salt instead. Devotees avoid eating onion, garlic, brinjal and leafy vegetables during the entire month. Even people who do not observe fast completely avoid eating non-vegetarian food. There are several benefits of fasting in Shravan Maas. It improves physical and mental health, increases willpower and memory and devotees believe that it removes obstacles by expelling negativity.

People who observe fast during Shravan month should go to Lord Shiva temple everyday after taking bath and should offer Panchamrut (prepared of milk, curd, ghee, honey and gangajal) to Lord Shiva as well as bilva leaves. This is the time when Lord Shiva drank the poisonous Halahala that emanated from Samudra Manthan between the Devas and Asuras for the quest of the nectar. He drank it to save the world.