Every season brings a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. As we enter into the autumn season, our tastes change. The chill in the weather makes us crave more for food rich in spices.

The seasonal fruits and vegetables offer us a variety in the food we eat. As you enjoy these seasonal varieties, it is important that you take care of your health as well.  We, at LatestLY, have brought together a list of foods that you must eat this Autumn, so as to maintain good health. Autumn 2021: Boost Your Immunity and Stay Healthy With These Seasonal Fruits.

Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce

Though in India, many people avoid the intake of non-vegetarian food during this season due to the festivities, this is one dish you all must try during autumn in case you are eating non-veg food. Basil has lots of health benefits as it can provide vitamins, minerals and a range of antioxidants. Chicken is a good source of protein and is known for stronger bones and muscles. The combination of both in Basil chicken in coconut curry sauce is mouth-watering topped with delicious spice and flavour. The aroma and the fragrance of this dish itself are very warm and apt which makes it a happy treat during the autumn season.

The Greens

Leafy greens are available in different forms during the autumn season. Spinach, Kale, Lettuce etc, all are known for their nutritional values. They are low in calories and a very good source of fibre, vitamin A, C and K. In India, you can enjoy these greens in the form of Palak dal, palak paneer, Sarso ka saag etc during the late autumn and they are healthy as well as tasty.


The nutritional value of carrots is very high as they contain beta carotene which your body converts to vitamin A. They also contain vitamins and minerals, including biotin, potassium, and vitamins K1 (phylloquinone) and B6. You can add them to different recipes like pulao or any gravy cuisine. In North India, people also relish this vegetable in a sweet form with Gajar ka Halwa.


Plums are one of the best seasonal fruits to enjoy during the autumn season. It is ideal for type 2 diabetes patients as it has low sugar content. Eating plums regularly during the season can provide relief from IBS and constipation, lower anxiety and depression, decrease blood sugar levels and raise the supply of antioxidants.

Turmeric Latte (Haldi Wala Doodh)

As many people face cold and cough issues with the change of temperature,  Turmeric Latte or haldi doodh is their easy rescue drink with amazing medicinal benefits. It helps in lowering the inflammation levels in the body. It is also known for its anti-cancer and fertility-boosting properties. Just one cup of turmeric latte during the day is sufficient to keep you away from many chronic diseases.

It is necessary to take care of your health in Autumn 2021 with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Make sure you enjoy the above seasonal foods so as to have the best version of your health this season. Happy Autumn 2021!

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