For a lot of people, cooking is synonymous to firing up the grill. And while you love to toss your favourite pile of meat and vegetables on the grill grate, you may have never thought about the fruits you can grill alongside your veggies. Did you know that grilling brings out the best of flavours in some fruits? Sure, peak ripeness is the perfect time to eat fruit; you need to use less-than-ripe fruits as already soft fruits will tend to fall apart in a grill. How's how to go about it.


Pineapple totally belongs on the grill. You can either chop the grilled pineapples up to add to your homemade salsa or add it as a topping to your burgers. You will never have just one serving! Monsoon Diet Tips From Ayurveda: What Are The Best Fruits, Vegetables and Oils For The Rains?


The heat can make the lemon even juicier. You can either grill whole halves or slices of lemons and serve them alongside your meat, veggies, or also use the juice in your cocktails. Just remember to add a bit of sugar to them before you place them on the grill as the caramelisation will play off the natural tartness.


Yes, you can grill bananas. The banans with softer texture are best cooked with their skins while you can slice the former ones in half and place them on the grate. You can also slice down the while bananas in the middle and fill with nut butter and chocolate to make for a fantastic dessert. How to Wash Vegetables and Fruits Right Way? Dos and Don’ts to Properly Handle Groceries During the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Mango is one of the best fruits to the grill to bring out its natural sweetness. Plus, mango pairs well with spicy as well as citrusy flavours so you can plan to pair your mango with any of those. One great idea is to slice the fruit in half, score it before grilling, and then toss it with salt, chilli and lime juice.


For a unique take on this summer icon, grill the watermelon with the rind to keep the pieces together. Serve it with your salad with feta cheese and all the greens. Stocking Up on Fruit and Vegetables During Lockdown? First Spinach Then Cabbage, Here is The Order in Which You Should Use Up Your Produce Before They Go Bad!

If you are planning a barbeque, you can also grill peaches, pears and plums and pair them with your favourite ice-cream.

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