Chinese New Year is in the offing and festive scarlet deçors can be seen in every street, storefront, and home. Along with fireworks, and traditional dance, festive treats are also an important element of Chinese New Year celebrations.  One of the religious aspects of the festival is the family reunion dinner, also known as 'tuán niánfàn' in the Chinese language. During the feast, each and every family member should be present at the dining table. Even if they truly can’t, the rest of the family will leave their spot empty and place a spare set of utensils for them. Lucky Fruits For Chinese New Year 2022: From Sugarcanes To Apples, 5 Fruits That Will Boost Your Wealth And Attract Good Luck And Chi Energy.

Chinese history says that a monster by the name of Nian would come and terrorize the villagers. The people would hide inside their homes and prepare a feast with offerings to the ancestors and gods, and hope for the best. Along with red decorations and long-established practices, preparing authentic Chinese delicacies during the lunar year is also associated with glad tidings, prosperity, and good luck. Each Lunar New Year dish represents good wishes for the year ahead. We have put together a guide of what all food items you can cook for your New Year's reunion dinner for attracting luck and positive energy. Chinese New Year 2022 Facts: Know Significance of Colour Red, Tradition of Giving Red Colour Envelopes and Why It's Considered Auspicious During the Spring Festival.

1. Steamed Whole Fish

Fish is a must during lunar year dinner and the word fish in Chinese sounds like "surplus" and symbolises abundance. The whole steamed fish must be used, including its head and tail, to denote a good beginning and end for the year ahead.

2. Sweet Rice Balls 

The gooey sweet rice represents harmony and family togetherness because the name sounds like the word “reunion” in the Chinese language and their round shape signifies unity.

3. Longevity Noodles 

As the name says, the uncut long noodles symbolises the wish for longevity. Their length and unsevered preparation are also symbolic of the life of the person who consumes them.

4. Dumplings

Chinese families gather together to cook "jiao zi" dumplings, as the word sounds similar to a phrase that means ‘bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new’. It is believed that the number of dumplings you eat during the lunar year predicts the amount of money you’ll make in the upcoming year.

5. Spring Rolls 

Spring rolls are said to bring wealth and good fortune as their shape is just like bars of gold. Chinese New Year 2022 Date and Significance: Know Zodiac Sign for the New Year and CNY Customs, Rituals and Traditions.

Chinese New Year celebration is connected to the start of the Chinese lunar calendar and is an opportunity to celebrate family and success in the coming year. Make sure to include all these dishes in your reunion menu to boost your wealth and for more prosperous years ahead.

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