Christmas is celebrated worldwide on December 25. Every country celebrates the festival in their own different way. With Christmas comes Christmas parties and with parties come delicious food. The traditional food made during Christmas is itself a treat for all food lovers. We at LatestLY, have brought together a list of traditional food Items you must try as you celebrate the festival by throwing an amazing Christmas party at your place. Christmas 2021: Five Evergreen Christmas Songs You Need on Your Holiday Playlist This Year.

1. Cranberry Sauce

The sweet and sour flavour of the sauce is loved by many along with the roast turkey. This is generally served on Christmas in the United Kingdom.

2. Fruitcake and Rum cake

The dry fruits are soaked in rum in advance to give a kick to the cake. This is a very famous traditional food item served during the festival around the world.

3. Irish Stew

It originated in Ireland and is a wholesome main dish made with seasonal root vegetables and meat. The recipe of Irish stew varies from region to region but is usually made with lamb meat.

4. Lebkuchen

The flavour of Lebkuchen varies from sweet to spicy and it includes a lot of honey, spices and nut. This dish originated in Germany.

5. Tortell

As per Spanish traditions, tortell has two hidden surprises; one is fava beans and the other is a figurine. Whoever finds the figurine gets to wear a paper crown and the one who finds dried fava bean pays for the tortell.

6. Vanillekipferl

It is a small crescent-shaped biscuit that originated from Austria. It is made of dry fruits like walnut, almond and hazelnut and has a heavy dusting of sugar all over.

7. Yule Log

Yule log is a traditional dessert served on Christmas that originated in France.

Christmas is a time to enjoy sweet to spicy food during the winter chill. Explore these traditional food items this Christmas and add some more spark to your party.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas 2021!

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