The festive season is ongoing in the country as we are marking the nine-day celebration of Navaratri. The festival worshipping nine manfestations of Maa Durga began on October 17 and will culminate with another festive occasion of Dussehra on October 25. Dusshera or Vijayadashmi is a celebration in itself, that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. And every festive occasion has a set of special food items prepared to savour for the occasion. Dusshera sees preparation of a variety of sweets which are kept as prasad after the Dussehra Pooja. If you are looking for some Dusshera special recipes, then you have come to the right place as we give you some easy snacks, main course and sweet recipes for the festival.

Dussehra comes from the Sanskrit word "Dasha-hara" which means "removal of ten." Demon king Ravana had 10 heads and so Lord Rama's victory over the ten-headed Demon King is refered as the celebration of Dussehra. The Dussehra celebrations differ from region to region, but making special food items for this special day remains common. So ahead of Dussehra celebrations, we bring you some special recipes to make a nice lunch and sweets for the day. When is Dussehra 2020? October 25 or 26, Know The Date, Dashami Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Significance And Mythological Stories Related to the Hindu Festival.

Dusshera Special Recipes

Thalipeeth Recipe Video:

A healthy and savoury flatbread made with multigrain flour is a nic option for festive breakfast. Sincemany women also keep a fast on the day, we bring a recipe that suited for fasting.

Chole Puri:

Chole Puri is a popular North-Indian snack but you can always enjoy it for festive day meal. If you enjoy having spicy food, then you can prepare Chole accordingly and Puri is very easy to make. In case, you are not into too much oily eating, you can always have Chole with chapati or rice.

Besan Laddoo Recipe:

Besan Laddoo is a popular sweet dish that is usually prepared for the festive season of Diwali, but you can always make these laddoos for this special occasion. These are delicious sweet balls made with gramflour and taste delicious when flavoured with cardamom.

Shrikhand Recipe:

If you generally love having Shrikhand, then you can make it easily at home. Shrikhand is easily available in most stores but there is a different joy in cooking something special for the occasion.

Kalakand Sweet Recipe:

Kalakand is an Indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk. Milk is reduced with a special technique and sugar is added over. It can get a little tricky but the taste is worth it.

Dusshera festival sees more of sweet dishes as people have a special puja and prepare prasad as offering. We have gathered some recipes that you can make on this day and enjoy the festive celebrations. Check if you have the necessary ingredients and start preparing for the day. Happy Dusshera and Happy Cooking!

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