Dazzling Female Golf Prodigy and female Golf sensation Zakiya Randall who began winning tournaments in 1st year of playing leading to "Player of the Year" and has led the charge in the World of Women's Golf.

A Female Golf Trailblazer 'Z' - What began as a young winning golf sensation and athlete on the national and international stage with her own edgy clothing line 'Z' and racking trophies winning masses of trophies and setting records.


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The Golf Phenom sat down with the Technically Female Podcast to share her gifts to Generation 'Z' for all things Marvel and how she blends and intertwines technology and golf.

Almost as electric as her golf accomplishments, the golfer who reigns from the Washington, D.C. area and raised at an early age in Atlanta, Georgia has become known as the very first to show the world the winning genius and one of the best female golf spectacular the world has ever seen.

 Golfer 'Z' has inspired so many across the world and is the only young golfer who has given along the way. Though women who have the talent and ambition to be leaders and make a difference still face challenges. They experience the kind of access to new opportunities those from past generations never could have imagined.

A trailblazer known for her heights in the world of Golf is continuing to blaze trails in which no other golfer has done before, many dubbed her the female golf superstar.

The Golf superstar, while winning National Events, has been awarded and acknowledged by some of the leaders in the game of Golf and Celebrities around the nation. Lee Elder who himself has been a leader in the game and Chris Tucker gave the golf superstar a special acknowledgement following her National Win at the Disney Resorts in her first appearance at the Event for Winning the Event and being crowned Champion at the tender age of 12.

She was the First and Youngest to Win a Medal in the LPGA U.S. Women's Open Qualifying Event. The Golf Superstar 'Z' continues to set records in Golf and in Business, with a Well-Rounded appeal.

Her fashion sense and trailblazer style on the course gets recognized as a true pioneer for her fashion sense as the First to evolve the Style on the Golf course and Beyond. Many have accredited Golfer 'Z' fashion sense to a SuperHero.

The dazzling golfer has been Voted a Leading Lady of Golf, appointed a leader by the President's Council and does things on the Golf Course that has continued to stun and amaze youth and fans of the game. The Golf Sensation 'Z' now has an entire generation - Generation 'Z'.