Cuckolding: Why Do Some Men Want to See Their Wives Have Sex with Other Men?
Cuckolding: Why do do some men want to see their wives have sex with other men? (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Sex fetishes have a world of their own that may seem weird to the people who don't understand them. One such sexual fetish that is very popular and yet may surprise you is the Cuckolding. You may have heard people using this term earlier in a derogatory way, a lot of Shakespeare's characters have used this term in a bad light. However, this term has now changed its meaning quite a bit. It has turned into a sexual fetish and has become extremely popular these days amongst the men. You might also want to know What Pegging is, This Strap-On Sex Trend Where Women Penetrate Men Gives Females The Ultimate Sexual Control

What is cuckolding?

In earlier days, men would fear becoming or be called a cuckold because the word held a slightly different meaning back then. A cuckold back then was defined as a man whose wife was said to be 'adulterous' usually without him knowing of it. More like cheating on him and having sex with other men in a way to prove that the man is unable to satisfy her. Men would call each other a cuckold or a cuck derogatorily to each other usually while having a fight, etc. However, now it has turned into a sex fetish wherein men with consent want to see their wives have sex with other men. Partner's infidelity kind of turns them on and they find pleasure in watching/listening to stories of their partners have sex with another man.

Why do some men enjoy being a cuckold?

It may sound strange to people who don't have or understand this fetish as why would a man in his right senses want the woman of his life to have sex with someone else, moreover go ahead and watch her having sex with that man? Many people claim that the men who enjoy being a cuckold or like their wives explore extra-marital affairs crave for submission while some claim that it is the feeling of having a wife that other men desire. Some are closeted and want to explore male sexuality. And some simply like to watch their wives or girlfriends. Some people also find it to be a highly intellectual sexual practice as the concept of consent matters here.

While there are so many kinds of fetishes this one may be difficult for many people to understand about other people who have this kind of fetish. While there are many groups of men online and even offline that hold cuckold parties and usually exchange wives. What do you think about this fetish? Let us know in the comment section below.