Dalia Weight Loss Benefits: How Eating Bulgur Wheat Can Help You Shed Extra Kilos
Dalia (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Trying to lose weight, and you think you have to ditch all carbs? No way! It's painful to live without chapatis and fruit, and the best news is you don't have to! With the growing popularity of low-carbs and keto diet, many people have cut down on whole grains for the fear of gaining weight. In reality, a diet rich in whole grains actually support weight loss. The fibre-rich bulgur wheat or daliya can be a satisfying canvas for countless mix-and-match meals, and it's great for weight loss too!

1 Filling Fibre

They provide a hefty dose fibre, which aids in satiety and helps balance blood sugar levels so you stay fuller longer. The fibre will help you feel more satisfied in between meals, which means you will snack less and consume fewer calories. Besides, eating enough fibre promotes a healthy digestive system. A regular to medium portion of dalia would help keep you full till lunch.

2 Powerful Protein

Protein is also a key nutrient for building muscle in the body. Bulgur wheat can provide you with 5g of protein per serving. Building more muscle can promote weight loss with muscle tissue burning more total calories than fat tissue. So give your mornings a power-packed start with a bowl of dalia. Here's how a high-carb diet can help lose body weight. 

3  Low-Calorie Meal

A bowl of dalia will provide you with 150 calories in just 0.5g fat. So, no harm even if you go a little overboard nibbling your favourite dalia recipe as you will never add too many calories to your day. Also, bhakri is better than wheat roti for weight loss. 

4 Mineral Boost

Apart from all the fibre and protein, dalia is higher in minerals like higher in minerals like B vitamins, and iron as opposed to refined grains such as enriched flour. You are automatically on a path to weight loss when you swap your refined breads with bulgur wheat.

5 Stable Blood Sugar

A bowl full of dalia will have a GI value of 55 calories or less which means that your food will be absorbed and metabolised slowly, causing a gradual rise in your blood glucose level. Being low in GI, dalia does not get absorbed quickly and enables slow release of sugar that aid weight loss too.

A great way to incorporate daliya into your diet is to combine it with your favorite vegetables and prepare a khichdi or pulao that you can eat for lunch throughout the week.  It's similar to rice in texture so it also tastes perfect when paired with curries and roasted veggies.