Eating Ice Cream Kills a 9-Year-Old Girl While She Was on a Vacation in Spain
Ice cream (Photo Credits: Pexels)

For a British family, a holiday to Spain turned into a nightmare in no time when their nine-year-old girl died in the holiday destination after eating an ice-cream. The British child had eaten a dessert is at a shopping centre in Malaga, on Spain’s Costa del Sol that sent her into an anaphylactic shock after having a severe allergic reaction. She was on a trip with her parents and two siblings and was staying at the Club La Costa World as per reports by C-Section Babies Suffer From Allergies Since They Are Not Exposed To Vaginal Bacteria While Birth.

Apparently, the little girl was allergic to milk and nuts, and that allergic reaction made her be rushed to the hospital. She was put on life support at the hospital; however, she succumbed to death on Monday as per reports by Spain’s Sur newspaper. The reports have it further than a post-mortem has been carried out and a judge has been appointed to investigate the girl’s death further.

Club La Costa World’s parent company CLC World Resorts & Hotels has issued a statement with regards to the death of the girl as received by the Spain newspaper Sur that reads: “The management at Club La Costa World resort would like to offer their heartfelt condolences to the family following the loss of their daughter on February 18, 2019." It further reads, "Having eaten ice cream at a local shopping centre, the nine year-old girl suffered a severe allergic reaction. Despite the best efforts of doctors and the emergency services, the young girl was placed on life support but subsequently died. We would like to thank the emergency services for their quick and appropriate responses and our staff for the continuing support of the family at this difficult time."