Most of us will try just about anything in the name of massage and spa, but some things are just a little too crazy for comfort. We have rounded up some of the strangest spa treatments available for men today that, yes, people actually sit through (and enjoy) in order to not only improve their skin and de-stress but also for a new experience when travelling. These totally weird and real treatments beg the question: "How far would you go for skin care and relaxation?"

1. Erectile Dysfunction Message

We are not talking about the happy endings you get after a massage. We are strictly talking about a massage that is designed to treat ED and help you finish. But before your thoughts run wild, let us tell you that nobody is going to touch your junk during the massage.  It is performed over clothes. The therapist manually massages the abdominal and pelvic structures with hands to realign the reproductive organs and improve blood flow. Perineal Massage: A Step-By-Step Guide To Massaging The Perineum For Men and Women

2. Snake Massage

Picture a snake crawling on you. Sound like a nightmare? Snake massage is the latest massage therapy buzz coming out of Indonesia and the Philippines.  In this therapy, you lay down on your back as a massage therapist blankets you with giant pythons that wriggle all over you.  Surprisingly, men who have tried the therapy gave great reviews except for when the snakes constricted their neck.

3. Lash Perm

A lot of men are doing the lash perm now. Here you are made to lay on your back on a table with your eyes closed. The lash artist uses a brush to coat your top lashes with a special adhesive. They then wrap your lashes around a tiny foam roller, holding them in place with a little clamp. This lifts your lashes and gives a youthful appearance. So if you really want to bounce back to your youth, you might give this treatment a shot. From Snakes, Snails to Cactus These are Some of the Weirdest Body Massages Around the World. 

4. Beer Bath

For the beer lovers among us, a beer bath may be your new favourite spa luxury. The hops from beer provide a purifying and cleansing effect on the skin, and perfectly warmed beer cans can be used to melt away the stress. You can also try a beer bath at home. Simply mix a pint of beer with 10 drops of hops oil, and a mix of malt, barley, and chamomile and add to warm water. Before you get any crazy ideas, no, you can't sip from your own tub. However, you can sip a cold glass of lager if you are going for a professional spa treatment. Sperm Facial Can Get You the Beautiful Skin You Always Wanted, Says Celebrity Facialist. 

5. Huǒ Liáo or Fire Treatments

This might just be the strangest thing in the spa treatment list.  The fire facial, also known as huǒ liáo in China, is meant to brighten up your face after it's literally set on fire. In this treatment, a cloth that is soaked in alcohol and an elixir is placed on the back, legs, face and any other "problem" areas and set on fire for a minute. The flames are then smothered with another towel. The treatment is supposed to help your skin get rid of wrinkles and improve everything from joint pain to indigestion (without actually burning you). Interested?

Whatever you try, do your research before you step in a spa because you surely do not want to live with regrets later (at the cost of your adventure).

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