Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Preventive Tips for Parents
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HFMD stands for Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. This is something common in kids and is caused by various things that we might not be able to spot. With monsoon humidity, germs and schools set to start their annual year, it’s time for the HFMD season. Children easily get this from their friends and a lot of kids under 10 contract this from their schoolmates and peers. With schools set to start the new year around this time, kids are always on the radar of the virus and it is very accessible for them to get infected. Many people take the Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease lightly by assuming it’s a bug or mosquito bite and let it go. Here’s are a few ways to spot and treat the infection. Three-Headed Baby Born in Uttar Pradesh: What is Encephalocele? Know Everything About This Condition.

The HFMD usually starts with regular fever and the weakness that comes with it. Fever escalates to tiny bumps around palms, feet and mouth. The symptoms usually occur three to six days after a person has been exposed to the virus. Here are some Causes, Symptoms and Preventive Tips for Parents. Breast Milk Promises Cancer Cure After Scientist Finds Tumour-Dissolving Chemical in It.


  • The viruses that cause the infections are called coxsackievirus a16 and enterovirus 71.
  • A person is affected by this when they come in direct contact with the virus.
  • Through cough or cold
  • Sharing food or beverages through the same container


  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Tiny blisters
  • Itchy rash
  • Ulcers on the affected area, usually on the inside on the mouth
  • Red bumps on palms, sole of feet or around the mouth
  • Bumps and rash on buttocks and lips in rare cases


  • Wash hands more often
  • Give your child a sanitiser when they go to school
  • Try not to come in direct contact with the affected person
  • Disinfect your child’s utensils with hot water
  • Vaccinate your child with the EV71 vaccine
  • Don’t share containers of food or water with other people

HFMD complications are very rare. This is as a regular fever. Although this isn’t a serious health issue, this causes major inconveniences for the kids. The blisters might get painful and weakness from fevers may cause lagging in schoolwork or regular life.