The compulsion of working from home may seem like a blessing in disguise and for a good reason. You can laze around in the bed with your partner for a longer time in the morning; also and have breakfast in the bed. But at the same time, working from home with your partner can be tricky to navigate, especially if you have preferences and cannot avoid distractions. Co-existing in a workspace needs a lot of understanding, and you may feel like your relationship is being tested. Here's how you can maximise your efficiency while not driving each other crazy.

Create Independent Workspaces

Your environment can affect your motivation, so you and your partner need to maintain your identities and have your independent workspaces. So, if you are working on the desk, your partner can maybe sit on the kitchen table with  work essentials, preferred lighting and objects that bring joy to both of you. Wondering What HRs Do During Work From Home? These WFH Memes and Jokes Should Provide An Answer.

Agree on a No-Distraction List

You may prefer music in the background while working, your partner may like to work in a quiet environment. While there is no right and wrong way to work from home, come up with a list of things that you both agree. No calls on speakerphone. No music about above a specific volume. Decide a list of what you want! Working From Home During COVID-19 Pandemic? Tips To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain.

Take the Same Break for Lunch

Taking regular breaks while working from home is essential, especially during lunch. It is necessary for your mental health and your moments of self-care. Agree for a standard time to break for lunch when you can check in with each other if you are working in separate rooms. Use this time to sneak in some flirty comments and to kiss. Ways To Keep Your Work Space Healthier: Tips On How to Make Your Office Life Less Stressful.

Collaborate to Work at Times

You do not have to make working-from-home an isolating agreement. It is okay to distance yourself from your partner not to get distracted, but you do need to socialise sometimes. Take advantage of bouncing ideas off one another and allow each other to vent frustrations about projects.  Who knows, you may be able to solve each other's problems.

And finally, keep each other in the loop of your workload and keep each other accountable. List out your tasks in the morning so that you are in track.

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