Kawasaki Disease in Kids: Know More About the Mystery Ailment That Is Getting Many Children Sick and Its Link With the Novel Coronavirus
Children in Lockdown (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

While COVID-19 continues to take thousands of lives around the world, the fear of Kawasaki disease in kids is taking over. The Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome with symptoms like fever, rash, red eyes, pain and cracked lips, has left medical experts with growing concerns about the mystery disease. Doctors in Europe and the United States have been reporting an increase in the number of cases of children developing Kawasaki disease. But is Kawasaki disease linked with coronavirus? The symptoms of the disease were found to be remarkably like the symptoms of COVID-19, thereby raising concerns over a possible link to the new coronavirus. No one knows exactly what causes the mysterious Kawasaki disease, but it, too, is triggered inflamed blood vessels, and often seems to be caused by viral infections. Here’s what we know so far.

What is Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki disease normally affects children under five. The cause of the infection is unknown and is usually seen in Asia. The infection leads to fever, swollen tongues, irritation, and redness of the whites of the eyes, and skin rashes. It can also limit blood flow to the heart and cause vascular inflammation. While the infection is usually treatable, it could also prove to be fatal. Pregnant During COVID-19 Pandemic? Here's How the Novel Coronavirus Can Affect Expectant Mothers and Their Foetuses in Womb.

Could the Rise in Kawasaki Cases be Linked to COVID-19?

In the last few weeks, a lot of children in the US and UK have shown a combination of symptoms connected to Kawasaki disease and COVID-19. The emergence of this new problem suggests that the novel coronavirus may be a trigger for some children to develop the Kawasaki disease.

However, scientists are still unsure if the febrile illness targeting children was triggered by COVID-19. A lot of children identified with the Kawasaki disease have not been tested positive for COVID-19. However, Reuters reported that a few children in the US infected with the novel coronavirus are being treated for Kawasaki disease symptoms. Coronavirus in Children: How Can You Tell If Your Child Has COVID-19? Everything Parents Need to Know About the Deadly Virus.

What Could Trigger the Kawasaki Disease?

Children have been confirmed with Kawasaki disease In Bergamo, northern Italy, which has been particularly hit by COVID-19, since late March. The figure is almost equivalent to the total number of cases detected over three years. However, some children in France and Britain with the Kawasaki disease have also been shown to carry the coronavirus. A few scientists believe that there could be a similar process shared by the diseases with an infectious agent that triggers an immune response. How to Make Hand-Washing Fun Ritual For Kids? From Singing Songs to Using Colourful Soaps, Here's a List of Activities Every Parent Must Try at Home!

The World Health Organization has asked its global network of clinicians to be on alert. To this point, no child has become critically ill with this disease.