By now, we all know that washing our hands thoroughly can be the best way to prevent catching a coronavirus infection. Easy, right? Well, for small children, it might not be the most straightforward task. Do not think that washing hands is second nature. It is a skill that needs to be taught. Make it a fun process and let them know that it is a regular part of their lives and parents do it too! Here's how to teach them to scrub all the germs away from their hands.

Sing Rhymes and Songs

It is not easy to remove all the germs from the uncoordinated hands. Use warm water as it has been proven to kill more germs than cold water. Soap their hands up and sing 'Happy Birthday' or 'Row 'ow Row' for 20 seconds. Rub their hands together and cover every surface with the lather.

Play a Bubble Game

You can also play a game by individually washing your hands and seeing who can get the most soap bubbles on the hands between the fingers. Coronavirus in Children: How Can You Tell If Your Child Has COVID-19? Everything Parents Need to Know About the Deadly Virus.

Use Fun Soaps

Use fun soaps with characters on them, or soaps that change colour to encourage kids to wash hands. You need them to clean every part of their hand - fronts, the backs, their nails, between their fingers and even their wrists - and using these soaps will make it a fun process! Coronavirus Prevention: What to Consider if You Have Kids and Grandparents Living at Home Amidst COVID-19 Scare!

Make Them a Germ-Busting Superhero

Handwashing should not seem like a chore to your child. Have fun and sing along with them. Make the idea interesting by talking to them about being germ-busting superheroes and explain that is how they can save the world.

Use a Stool

When your child is too small, it can be uncomfortable for them to reach the sink and wash hands. Make sure they have a step stool, so their hands get to the faucets and water. They will also enjoy the 'climbing on a stool activity' while washing their hands. Should You Make Toddlers and Babies Wear Face Masks during COVID-19 Pandemic? Here's How to Keep Infants Safe from Coronavirus Outside Home.

Also, remember that the nails can harbour a lot of germs, so keep them trimmed and clean too! So, sing out the best version of your rhymes.

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