Lithuania Doctors Can Now Prescribe Marijuana-Based Medicine
Marijuana (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Marijuana has been a topic of controversy forever; Some believe that the medicinal use of marijuana is worth giving a shot whereas, some think that the side-effects of marijuana are overpowering the benefits of marijuana. In a recent news, The parliament of Lithuania passed a law on Thursday that allows doctors to prescribe medicines that are marijuana- based. Marijuana-based medication has always garnered controversies, and this time Lithuania's Parliament has decided to approve the drug in the Baltic EU state. Smoking Marijuana Ages the Brain by 2.8 Years! Cannabis Almost As Bad As Schizophrenia in Brain Damage. 

The lawmaking jury voted 90-0 with three abstentions in favour of the legislation. It will now go to President Dalia Grybauskaite to be signed into law, acording to time now news. European countries like Britain, Austria, Finland, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, etc. have legalised cannabis for medical purposes and now even Lithuania passed a law in favour of marijuana-based medicines. According to reports by TNN, the law is coming into force in the month of May next year, however, selling the drugs will require a license from the regulator of state. Moreover, the recreational use of marijuana will still remain illegal in Lithuania.

Medical use of marijuana-

Marijuana has always been known to have a terrible reputation because of its recreational use, as it can get you addicted to it. However, marijuana has been recently gaining limelight for its medicinal use. Medical use of marijuana means the usage of marijuana in a whole and unprocessed form to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. However, it hasn't been recognised or approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Regardless, various scientific studies have shown that the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids have shown to be extremely useful.