Male Infertility Causes: Is Your Laptop Damaging Your Sperm?

If a progeny is important to you, it is time to sit up and pay attention. You could be jeopardising your future children every time you rest a WiFi-enabled laptop on your lap. That’s right, the device you use for all your essential tasks might be stealing your manhood. In other words, causing male fertility issues. While there are numerous potential causes of male infertility including infections, hormone imbalances, smoking, vitamin deficiency, and certain medications, here’s how your laptop could be hurting your sperm health.

How Does  Laptop Hurt You Sperms?

According to a study published in the journal of Fertility and Sterility, the culprit is likely the electromagnetic radiations from WiFi signals that may be damaging your sperms. This isn’t the first time that laptops have been linked to damaging your swimmers. Scientists in the past found that the computer heated up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius which made the temperatures in the scrotum increase by 19 degrees Celsius. This increase in temperature could reduce your sperm count by 40 percent. Infertility in Men: Sperm Quality Getting Worse, Could Cause Extinction of Humankind, Says Study.

Could Other Heating Objects Also Affect Your Sperms?

Any type of applied heat can be frying for your fluids. Apart from your laptop, you need to especially be conscious of anything that puts direct heat to the scrotum like hot tubs, heating pads, and even heated car seats. Exposure to the high temperatures can heat things down there, and if the temperature of the testicles gets too high, it can kill sperm and interfere with sperm production, potentially resulting in low sperm count and motility.

When sperm is maturing, it happens in the sertoli cell. Heat variance can affect the binding between the sperm and these supportive cells. If the temperature rises too high for a long enough time, the sperm cells will detach prematurely resulting in inviable sperm.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Damage?

It is the positioning of the laptop that has been seen as a threat to male fertility. So while you do not need to ditch the laptop, just exercise caution and keep the computer off your lap. Make it a practice to place your laptop on a table or a desk. How to Increase Sperm Count with Diet: 10 Best Foods to Improve Men's Fertility and Sex Drive.

One of the most important factors in maintaining the production and health of your sperm is maintaining a cool temperature for your man parts. So don’t spend more than 10-20 minutes in a hot tub, bath, or sauna at a time, and no more than a couple days per week. Also, consider keeping your phone out of your pocket.