There have been several studies about sexual intercourse for ovulation and yet not many have given the exact time. There are certain positions which are better if you are planning to conceive. But a new study by scientists in Switzerland has noted down the exact time to indulge in sexual activity if a couple is planning for a baby. After studying the internal clock of the sperms, scientists claim couple should have sex before 7.30am during the months of March, April and May.

The researchers have found that during these three months, a sperm is at its healthiest size and shape to fertilise an egg. The Swiss scientists claimed that a sperm has its own 24-hour internal clock and they are more active in the early hours of the morning. The experts from University Hospital Zurich analysed the semen samples from 7,068 men, aged between 25 and 40, who were undergoing fertility treatment. In the study, these samples were checked for sperm concentration, total sperm count, progressive motility and normal morphology.

The study's lead author Dr Brigitte Leeners said, "Male semen quality varies with both circadian and circannual rhythms. Collection of semen in the early morning, where semen quality was highest, can be used to improve natural fertility." The semen collected from the months of March, April and May had the greatest concentration of sperm. While the count went on reducing during the later months. Also on examining the time, the ones collected during the early hours of the morning, before 7.30 am showed highest levels of concentration and normal morphology. How to Get Pregnant? 5 ideal Sex Positions to Conceive Faster.

This study has been published in the scientific journal Chronobiology International. While one of the expert doctors from IVF Cube fertility clinic was quoted to a newspaper that the evidence collected could be conflicting. According to Dr Hana Visnova, "Sperm collection is clearly a vital aspect of any IVF procedure. So if we can maximise the potency of a sample then that's to be encouraged. Yet the evidence relating to the best times of the day, or the year, for that to take place is conflicting and controversial." She also mentioned that men who have a low sperm count could not indulge in morning sex. They would still need medical help. So while the Swiss researchers claim early morning sex as the best for having a baby, one should still consult an expert about it.

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