There is no scientific evidence to back up that certain sex positions will enhance the chances of getting pregnant. But there is no harm in trying certain positions if you really want to conceive. In the earlier days one did not pay too much attention on factors or mechanics that will increase the possibility of getting pregnant. Basically, you avoid using any contraception and have frequent and enjoyable sex. Our ancestors focussed on one primary agenda – more than the position, the frequency of intercourse matters between the fertile couple.

But there are better sex positions that will help the sperm reach the egg. All the theories are based on one primary idea of encouraging gravity to move the sperm along. In any case, below are certain sex positions one can attempt conceive faster and that will bring the two lines on your pregnancy test which indicates positive.

Here are 5 ideal sex positions


This is the most common sex position among couples, and most of the babies are conceived through this position. It is known to be an ideal position, where the woman lays on her back and her partner is on top entering from the front. The sperm gets the most accessible path to the cervix and helps you conceive.

Doggy style

The rear entry position may have a slightly better chance to get one pregnant. The woman is on all fours, and her partner enters from behind. This allows in deeper penetration of the sperm and helps in depositing the sperm as close to the cervix. Women can also try lying down with their hip raised for a while so that the gravity pushes the sperm further inside.

Legs on shoulders

This is another variant of missionary position. The only difference is the woman’s legs are on her partner’s shoulders and her pelvis is slightly lifted. This increases the chances of the sperm to get as close to the cervix. You can also place a pillow beneath your hip to better the position and for maximum comfort.

Splitting bamboo

This is one of the most popular Kamasutra sex positions to get pregnant. In this position, the woman raises one of her legs over her partner’s shoulders. He then straddles over her thigh and uses her leg to support while he is entering into her. This position helps hitting the G-spot, and further allowing deeper penetration.

The anvil

Yet another form of missionary, the woman lies on her back and her partner is on top. The difference is the woman extends her legs above her head before he penetrates. This position is best to conceive as it rightly hits the G-spot and allows in deeper penetration.

It is important to understand that if you want to conceive, one needs to give it enough time. Some people may conceive almost immediately while some may take months or even years. Patience is key, and let nature take its course. These sex positions will not only increase the chances of you getting pregnant, but will spice up your sex life, and will make the entire process fun and enjoyable.

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