Playing PUBG and Fortnite Has Benefits? Expert Says Yes, But…
Health benefits of online games.

Online gaming has always been a subject as to whether or are the benefits for your mental and physical health. Moreover, the thin line between enjoying online games and it becoming an addiction is also extraordinarily vital and needs to be discussed. While WHO has already called online gaming addiction a mental health disorder it is very essential that you as a parent keep in check your child's gaming time. However, experts believe that online games, if played for a healthy amount of time, can have a lot of health benefits.

Dr Parul Tank, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund lays down the positive impact of Gaming-

  • Improvement in cognitive functions- Playing games with multiple segments help improve your cognitive functions. Gaming requires various mental and physical processes to function simultaneously which is a great exercise.
  • Improvement in hand and eye coordination- A great way to exercise your eyes and head are by playing games. It also improves the sharpness of various sensory organs.
  • Improvement of quick-thinking skills and accuracy- We cannot deny that online gaming does require quick-thinking skills that can be an excellent exercise for your brain and help make you sharper.
  • Improvement in problem-solving abilities- Online gaming helps you improve your problem-solving skills giving your brain a great workout.
  • Decreases chances of Anxiety attacks- Gaming is known to decrease chances of anxiety attacks as it is known to calm your anxiety and behaviour.

Dr Parul further explains that the positive effects of gaming are subjected to the games that you play. Games that have sexually explicit and violent content tend to have more negative than positive effects.

Have we ever considered Gaming Addition to be a Mental Health issue?

Maybe not, with a hope that this phase will pass, we usually brush it under the carpet. Excessive gaming, like any other activity, has its impact. However, if you feel that your love for online games is turning into addictions here are a few signs to watch out for as suggested by Dr Parul Tank, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Signs of Addiction-

  • Thinking fanatically about playing the game when doing other tasks

    Being deceitful about the amount of time spent gaming

  • Spending more and more time to get the same levels of enjoyment from gaming
  • Neglecting responsibilities and obligations to work, family, health, and finances over compulsive gaming.
  • After feeling shame or humiliation about time spent gaming, the player may become secretive about the activity
  • Spending a lot of money on computer upgrades and gaming consoles

In a shocking recent incident, a fitness trainer from Jammu ended up in the hospital after losing his “Mental Balance” while playing PUBG, an online battle game. It is essential to balance your mental and physical wellbeing, and not get addicted to gaming.