Record-Breaking Baby Boy Weighing 5.75 Kg Born in Australia, Mother Undergoes Normal Delivery and 'No Complications'
Heaviest baby (Photo Credits: Blacktown Midwifery Group Facebook)

A woman in Australia gave birth to a record-breaking baby weighing 5.75kg. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff at Blacktown Hospital in western Sydney, Australia were bewildered at this normal delivery. The hospital said that the newborn is the heaviest they have ever seen. Parker James Bell was born on Thursday, before the actual due date. Parker James Bell was born at 39 weeks and three days.

Also, the mother Nikki Bell faced 'no complications' according to the hospital. The 28-year-old had not taken any pain relief throughout the natural birth. Nikki told, "My first baby went until 41 weeks and 3 days — lucky I didn’t go that far he would have been 6kg plus. I'm sure all births hurt, whether it's 1.7kg of 5.7kg — they all hurt." Two-Month-Old Baby Born with Two Faces in Indonesia! Conjoined Twin Failed to Develop a Body (View Pic)

The news of Parker's birth along with pictures of his mother and sister was shared on Facebook page 'Blacktown Midwifery Group'. The post has since then gone viral with social media users congratulating the couple.

Here are pictures of the newborn:

She also said, "Hopefully he will be a bit of a football player, maybe a front rower, that’ll keep his dad happy." A comment on the post reads, "Women's bodies are amazing! Well done first and foremost to the mummy but also to the birthing staff that helped this mummy do her job and allow her body to do its thing!" The family members including Parker's older sister Maddison have returned to their home at Riverstone in Sydney's north-west after his birth