Sex Toy Company 'LELO' Gives Employees 'Self-Love' Leave to Have Regular Orgasms and Increase Productivity
Representational Image (Photo credits: Unsplash)

Any workplace in this competitive world is only getting stressful day by day. And several companies try various ways in which they can reduce the stress of their employees. Once the employees are stress-free there will, of course, be a better productivity at work. A sex toy making brand named 'Lelo' has found one such measure that will ensure their employees are satisfied, literally! The company gives its employees four days of extra leaves for "self-love" encouraging them to have more and regular orgasms! Wow, that's some way of ensuring by a sex toy company to keep their employees happy. What is Potgasm? Does Weed Help in Boosting Orgasm? 

The company has taken this decision on the basis of a research "Economy of Orgasms". In this study, they found out that 78% people feel happier and stress-free after they have an orgasm. It also stated that almost two thirds (65%) say they are more productive at work the next day. The company effectively thus started the "self-love" days to all their 600 employees across the globe. Orgasm Anxiety: What are the Causes and Can Masturbation Solve It? 

The Swedish company has 20 annual leaves and has introduced 4 days of extra leave every year. Talking about their policy, the company was quoted to Insider, "Self-love days follow the format of duvet days, but with a twist: employees are encouraged to take the day to fulfil themselves sexually and have plenty of orgasms." The company encourages sexual pleasure and its effect on overall happiness and productivity on the job.

The company also feels that this additional leave will definitely add to their business in the UK economy. Not just that, they also hope that other companies will take Lelo's example. Their research also points out that the entire exercise is not just to increase people's productivity at work but overall happiness levels. Orgasms are known to increase happiness levels due to the release of certain hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. But special holidays to make sure you are regular with your orgasms is bang on!