What is Potgasm? Does Weed Help in Boosting Orgasm?
Does weed help in boosting orgasm. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

If you’ve ever smoked pot, weed or marijuana, you know how it feels like right! But have you ever smoked pot and masturbated? Well, if you want to experience the ultimate orgasm of your life then maybe being high will help. Lioness, a smart vibrator can measure a woman’s vaginal contractions and display her orgasms on a chart. They conducted a study and measured orgasms of women who masturbated after smoking pot, hence, ‘potgasm’. But how one person might experience the orgasm differently, it is same with cannabis, the experiences vary. This Biohacking Vibrator will Not Only Give You the Ultimate Orgasm but Will Also Track Your Experience!

One’s experience of pleasure can be affected by multiple factors like stress, alcohol, period cycle and of course marijuana. Lioness’ CEO Liz Kalinger measured her orgasm after consuming an edible cannabis and she was quoted saying, “My orgasm felt longer-lasting and surprised me more with its varying intensities. It’s normally more of a consistent, rolling wave.” She further continued, “My vaginal contractions were way less regular and instead of my squeezing getting weaker and weaker over time, it just kept going stronger.” 'Peegasms' Is the Latest Sex Trend: Here's How Holding on to Urine for Orgasm Can Cause Infection and Damage Your Kidneys.

As reported in Tonic, Becky Kaufman Lynn. Director of the Center for Sexual Health at Saint Louis University found that 53% of women report better orgasms when they are stoned. It is not clear how does cannabis are involved in the neurological process of an orgasm. Although some research shows that orgasm releases endogenous cannabinoids – naturally occurring in the human body regardless of cannabis use. However, people might feel their orgasms are long-lasting because weed makes everything seem to happen in slow motion.

Some men also have experienced better orgasms after smoking weed. As told to Tonic, Victor Escobar, an artist from Brooklyn said, “Being stoned while masturbating or having sex is one of the most freeing sensations the human body can feel. I get more aroused after smoking weed and having an orgasm while being stoned is more of a memorable experience.” But all said and done, anything in excess can have opposite effects. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who were daily smokers were more likely to experience inability to orgasm or reach orgasm too fast or too slow. Cannabis can also cause drying of the mucous membranes which might mean a lack of vaginal fluid or wetness. Hence, keep in mind, that moderation is key.