Southwest Airlines to Retire Their Famous Peanuts! Signs and Symptoms of Peanut Allergy You Should Know of
Symptoms of peanut allergy that you should know of. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

If you have ever travelled by the Southwest Airlines, you might have come across their famous peanuts, however, for the lovers, there is a sad news. Southwest Airlines declared that they will stop serving peanuts on their flights this summer. The peanuts are so famous that they are almost synonymous with the airlines.

They put forth a reason saying that they are making the change to help protect passengers suffering from severe peanut allergies. The Dallas-based airlines made this move to serve a good cause of helping the people suffering from food allergies and as an awareness that peanut allergies have increased. Especially in the context of the confined space of aeroplane cabins where the symptoms of peanut allergy could increase. Even trace amounts can cause major complications for those with the most extreme nut allergies.

According to the federal Food and Drug Administration, peanuts lists on the top eight foods that account for the maximum, about 90 per cent of the food allergies in the US.

Here's the tweet while replying to a Twitter user:

Here are the common signs and symptoms of peanut allergy:

  1. You may develop a flu-like feeling
  2. A runny nose
  3. Some people even get skin reactions- hives, swelling or redness.
  4. Feeling of an itch or a kind of tingling feeling around the mouth and throat, even inside.
  5. Sudden digestive issues like diarrhoea, stomachache, nausea-vomiting.
  6. Tightening of the throat, feeling of suffocation.
  7. Breathlessness or wheezing.

People are appreciating this effort taken by the airlines. The cases of food allergies are increasing day by day and some allergy-inducing foods like peanuts, wheat etc. are so common that it is almost impossible to escape. It is quite commendable that the airline to take such a drastic step and retire their iconic food.