You may have spent years taking precautions and now when you want to finally become a dad, you might be surprised discovering that conceiving isn't as easy as you thought. Quite ironically, it is the seemingly harmless things that you do every day that could be lowering your sperm quality and count. If you are curious to see what could be mucking with your sperm, read on and make the appropriate changes to get your sexual health back on track.

You Smoke Like a Chimney

If you need yet another reason to quit smoking, here it is. Smoking introduces harmful toxins in your body like carbon monoxide. Smoking also damages blood vessels, and if you haven’t noticed yet, your testicles need lots of proper blood flow to work properly. Besides, there are a lot of carcinogens and your testicles are relatively sensitive to smoking.

You Are Going Heavy on Alcohol

An occasional beer may not hurt but heavy drinking may lower testosterone level and sperm count. Alcohol can produce oxygen-free radicals that can destroy your sperm. Alcohol can also damage your liver which in turn can hurt your sperm. It is a chain effect. However, if you think that your drinking habit might be affecting your fertility, talk to your doctor. Together, you can come up with a plan to cut back.

You Are Too Lazy To Get Up

Your clothing generates a lot of heat when you sit for too long. The heat generated can hurt your sperm. So, a more active lifestyle can make a lot of difference in protecting your sperm. According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, higher moderate-to-vigorous activity and spending less time watching TV are significantly associated with higher total sperm count and sperm concentration. Male Infertility Causes: Is Your Laptop Damaging Your Sperm?

You Keep Your Cell Phone in Your Pants

Keeping your cell phone in your pants might give you easy access but it may not be good news for the swimmers around.  According to studies, the radiation emitted from phones could cause DNA damage to sperm. Further, the heat from a phone could raise the temperature inside your scrotum and affect sperm production. If you have your phone in your pocket all day, it might be worth sticking your phone in your jacket pocket or your bag. How Can Men Increase Their Sperm Count & Keep it Up? Ways You Can Increase the Likelihood of Becoming a Father.

You Guzzle Soda

According to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, sipping on soda can reduce your sperm motility. The aerated drinks are filled with sugar that can lead to insulin resistance, a condition where your cells are unable to take glucose from your blood and use it for energy. This, in turn, can lead to inflammation, which can hinder how your sperm moves. Plus, too much soda can make you put on weight and the fat can prompt your body to pump out less testosterone and more oestrogen.

You Are Not Getting Laid Enough

Trying to have a baby? Have sex every day. According to a study published in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology ejaculating daily for seven days can lead to higher-quality sperm. This means that the sperm stays intact and more likely to fertilise an egg. The less time sperm spends in the testicles, the less likely it is to be damaged over time. High Amount of Semen Ejaculation Means Better Fertility? Here's the Ideal Sperm Count for Increased Chances of Pregnancy.

Lastly, remember that stress can be death-dealing for your sperm. When the stress hormone cortisol floods your body, your blood pressure rises and sperm count suffers. So no matter what’s eating at you, find ways to keep your worries from getting out of control like talking with your partner and making time to exercise.

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