Squat Mistakes: Are You Overdoing Squats? Here’s Why It Won’t Firm Your Butt
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Squats are a favourite of everyone who is a gym/workout enthusiast. Who doesn't like it? The methodology is a smooth sailing; it has a direct effect on the posterior region of one's body (who doesn't like toned-butts?!) and it's an essential workout component. In fact, there's a critical reason why squats are always part of every workout regime that doesn't primarily concern the posterior fun-parts us common folks generally like to firm up.

What do squats do for you?

Squats help increase the overall body and muscle strength, burns the excess fat, accelerates and improves the blood circulation (especially during times of numbness or coldness in parts of your body), jolts up flexibility (for thigh muscles and other posterior regions as well)... the list can go on. The exercise also enhances core muscles and of course, works around the abs, butt and tones legs amid the rest.

With so many benefits, one happens to try to make the most out of the exercise, failing to understand the economics behind it. Too much of anything is never good, including squats. Overdoing of squats tend to have an opposite effect on one's body and sometimes no effect whatsoever, claims celebrity personal trainer Dan Roberts.

Ills of overdoing squats

Roberts, in his interview with Business Insider, stated, "We tend to live quite quad-dominant lives," while explaining how individuals spend most of their time sitting down. "When we sit down our hip flexors tighten, and our glutes switch out. Certain things tighten and these end up working more.

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"If these are working more and your hamstrings are weak and your glutes aren't working, to me it doesn't make sense to do exercises which do exactly the same," he told Business Insider. In fact, he further added that at the gym, instead of devoting time to do weighted squat, choose the opposite set like doing deadlifts. It is highly recommended especially for individuals who wish to firm their butts and tone their legs without compromising their thigh size in the process.

What people get wrong about squats?

Not many are well versed with the technique of doing a squat in the way it is intended to be done. Results? Practically no results even after a month's workout! Therefore, while some constraint must be held when doing squats, for those who require the set must do it right.

How to do squats the right way?

In squats, the posture is very important. The posture defines how the results would pan out. Therefore, in order to receive optimum results, here's how it must be done: the usual crouching down and come up again the same way. However, focus on certain things like keep your heels apart at shoulder-width and ensure that your core is held tight (basically flex your stomach muscles).