National Fitness Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of May in the U.S. This year it will fall on May 7. During the 1800s, the idea of good health and fitness gained popularity. Due to the commercialisation of food products, sugar and fats have increased in the diet of people, which calls for an increase in awareness about health. As you celebrate National Fitness Day 2022, we at LatestLY have curated six easy ways that you can adopt to lead a fit and healthy life. National Fitness Day 2022: From Jumping Jacks to Burpees, Best Cardio Workouts That You Can Do at Home To Stay Fit!

Eat Often

It is imperative to eat something after every two hours. This will not only help you avoid unnecessary cravings but will also keep your metabolism high.

Find an Active Exercise Partner

It is believed that to be regular with your workouts, it’s necessary to have a workout partner. But make sure you don’t have to convince somebody to work out with you. Instead, tag along with a friend who is already into fitness, and you know that he will keep you motivated regularly.

Don’t Drink Sugar

Avoid having sugary beverages. Whenever you sit for a party with friends, opt for wine, beer or a drink mixed with club soda. Cocktail and Mocktail syrups, orange juice and coke often have more sugar and calories than alcohol.

Eat Real Food

Avoid eating packaged products. Get fresh fruits and vegetables from the market and make food for yourself. Packaged foods again contain unnecessary amounts of calories, which would do you no good.

Watch Your Plate Size

You must take small but more meals. Therefore, watch the size of your plate. Bigger plates and utensils promote bigger meals. So, to avoid having large meals, keep your utensils appropriately sized.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t plan to lose ten kilograms weight in just one month. Make a goal which is realistic and can be achieved. Setting attainable goals will help you see better results and thus will keep you motivated to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Many people go on starving when they see their bodies getting out of shape. But that is not the right way to get fit. Therefore, plan a diet and workout plan which you can adopt for a lifetime as a lifestyle. This will make your struggle for a fit and healthy life very easy. Wishing everyone Happy National Fitness Day 2022!

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