World Homeopathy Day 2020: Can Homeopathy be a Safer Way to Treat Depression?
Homeopathy (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The symptoms of depression are easy to spot: a general mood of gloom, disinterest in things and change in appetite. But sometimes you cannot see depression because the symptoms are hidden, even to yourself. You should talk to a mental health expert even if you notice the slightest symptoms. And while a psychologist could be the best person to help you, we eventually tend to resort to drugs when we feel that we are unable to cope with the situation. Although alternative therapy is a route you can take, to treat depression, you can also try homeopathy. Homeopath Dr Subrata Das breaks it down for you.

Why Should You Prefer Homeopathy over Conventional Medicines?

Homoeopaths have a very different approach to treating depression.Unlike other health care professionals, homoeopaths believe that there could be more than one causes of any mental health condition. They think that the symptoms of illness represent the body's defences, and they look at treating the underlying disease.

On the other hand, conventional medicines treat the symptoms of the disease, not the underlying cause. So, the drugs they recommend provide you with only short-term benefits giving you only temporary relief. Conventional medicines may also tend to suppress the underlying condition.  World Homeopathy Day 2020: From Its 'Placebo Effect' to Presence of Steroids, Major Myths Around the Alternative Medicine Put to Rest.

How Does Homeopathy Treat Depression?

Homoeopaths generally prescribe individualised homoeopathic remedies to each patient to attain better long-term sustained results. In fact, a study published in a medical journal by Oxford University Press suggested that individualised homoeopathic treatment is as effective and safer than Prozac in treating people with moderate or severe depression. The study also found a higher percentage of patients treated with Prozac report side effects. My Partner Has Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues; What Do I Do? – Relationship Query of the Day.

Are Homeopathy Medicines Safe?

Homeopathy medicines are prescribed in minimal doses, so they generally do not have any side effects. Instead of using massive doses of pharmacological agents to inhibit symptoms, very small of medicinal substances are individually prescribed. That said, the selection of the right homoeopathic prescription is more complicated than conventional drugs. However, the results are often significant. Are You Depressed? How to Tell the Difference Between Sadness and Depression.

So, if you have mild to moderate depression, you might want to consider seeking professional homoeopathic care. But if you do not want to resort to drugs, you can try alternative therapies like reiki and yoga to treat depression.