It's World Sleep Day 2019 on March 15 and we can't have enough of this day. Here's a huge shout out to the person who actually thought of a day dedicated to sleep. On a serious note, we must realise why we need such a day. The answer lies in the fact that people, especially in India, are not sleeping enough. It is a fact that a human being needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day for a healthy body, mind, heart and skin. However, in the age of social media, gadgets, online movie platforms and stress, we're hardly managing 4-5 hours of sleep. Last year, a study revealed that Indians didn't consider sleep as an important factor for keeping healthy. It also said that technology was a major distractive influence on the sleeping patterns of at least 32 percent of the young adult population. Sleep Loss Could Result in Weight Gain: Study

These numbers are worrisome as it concerns the health of Indians. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain, lethargy, heart ailments and stress. Dr Sandeep Patil, Chief Intensivist and Physician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, told LatestLY in an interview that sleep deprivation has also been said to cause erectile dysfunction, thereby, disrupting one's sex life. This World Sleep day, let's focus on ways you can ensure a good night's sleep. LatestLY spoke to Yoga instructor and Quickfitt owner Aditi Ratti, who showed us four very important asanas and pranayam to help you sleep like a baby. Here they are

Watch: Yoga For A Good Night's Sleep

1) Shishuasana (Child Pose)

This asana is performed while sitting on your knees. It helps one relax their back muscles and nervous system. The relaxing of the nervous system helps one sleep peacefully. Aditi advises that a person practises this asana with five to ten repetitions every day to ensure proper sleep.

2) Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Performed in a standing position, this Yoga asana also stretches the back muscles and helps the nervous system by increasing the supply of blood. This helps a person ensure good sleep. One must perform five to ten repetitions of this asana on a regular basis to boost their sleep.

3) Marjariasana (Cat Stretch)

Performed in a cat pose, this asana helps in making your spine flexible. It also helps improve digestion, thereby, ensuring that you sleep well. This asana must be performed every day with ten repetitions, says Aditi.

4) Chandrabhedi (Left Nostril Breathing)

Chandrabhedi is an effective breathing exercise that helps calm and sooth the entire human body. In this asana, you are required to breathe in from the left nostril and breathe out from the right. It is an effective pranayam to practise right before bedtime and ensures an uninterrupted sleep, says Aditi.

This sleep day, commit yourself to get easy and proper sleep. A healthy sleep pattern would ensure a healthy and happy you. Sleep well!

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