How to Make Her Orgasm by Finding Her G-Spot: Pro Tips to Locate Her Pleasure Centre
Sex (Photo Credits: Noun Project -- ghayn)

The most complicated task for all the straight men in the world would be able to find the G- spot. That’s literally the key to having a happy relationship. If you cannot find her an expensive diamond ring, it's fine. But if you can't find her G- spot, then, dear men, you're in deep trouble. Just imagine how would you like your woman to not be able to give you satisfying blow jobs! Finding her G- spot is the ultimate guide to keep your woman happy. Not expensive gifts or fancy dinner dates but an orgasm is what’s gonna make her stay. How to Finger Your Girl for an Orgasm She Won't Forget: 'Handy' Fingering Tips for First-Timers.

So, how do you find the G- spot? Well, there is a common technique that guys are usually supposed to use while having sex. Once you’ve sexually aroused your woman fully with enough foreplay, and you know that she’s wet, try inserting your fingers inside her vagina. You might need to use enough lube there to make the insertion smooth. Try using one finger first, with your palm facing upwards (towards the sky). Oral Sex, Boobgasm and Other Foreplay Tricks to Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever!

Once your finger has entered inside the vagina, keep stroking it inside out (in that direction) smoothly yet subtly until your woman reaches the point where she wants to orgasm. It's not going to be as easy as it is for men, sometimes it takes way longer than expected. So, if despite various attempts you are unable to find her spot, let us tell you there’s no shame in asking for directions! Your woman would be more than happy to help you. Follow her instructions and then watch her climax with sheer satisfaction.

Quick Tip: Also, a piece of important advice here would be to trim your nails well before inserting it into your girlfriend’s vagina.