Jacob Elordi was born on 26 June 1997. He is known for his role as Noah Flynn in Netflix series The Kissing Booth and Nate Jacobs in HBO series Euphoria.

Jacob Elordi is known for his significant body physique. People generally wonder about his diet and workout routine by looking at his well-in-shape and hot physique. The 24-year-old eye candy weighs 80kgs with a height of 6’4”. He has been consistent with his workout and diet plan over these years. As you celebrate Jacob Elordi’s 25th birthday, we at LatestLY, have curated his diet and workout plan that you can try if you want to have a physique like him. Jacob Elordi, Olivia Jade Giannulli Are Casually Dating - Reports.

Hard-Hitting Interval Workouts

Though Jacob follows a consistent workout which consists primarily of warm-up cardio and an hour or two of weight training, his favourite are the hard-hitting interval workouts. Jacob follows a 40:20 blitz workout in which he does each move for 40 seconds and then rests for 20 seconds. This workout for a ripped core and lean muscles includes exercises like a tyre flip, battle rope jumping jack, ball slam and plank ups. Do each move for four rounds in the 40:20 pattern and then switch to the next move. This is one of his favourite workouts that will surely leave you almost dead.

No Cheat Diet

For the role of Noah Flynn of The Kissing Booth, Jacob Elordi went on a no-cheat diet. He cut down on all the junk foods and said goodbye to pizza, burgers, Doritos, doughnuts, and other kinds of junk foods. All of it was replaced with veggies, meat and protein.

A combination of high-intensity workouts and a strict, no-cheat diet helped Jacob Elordi to attract masses to his finely ripped body and lean muscles. Celebrating Jacob Elordi’s 25th birthday this year, above mentioned combination of the diet and workout plan might just help you attain a body like him if you wish to.

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