After Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale Raves About 'Penis Facial' Made From Foreskin of Korean Infants
Kate Beckinsale praises foreskin facial- (Photo Credit: Instagram/katebeckinsale)

Signs of ageing is surely not something that most people like on their skin, especially in the form of wrinkles, eye-bags and pigmentations. But upto what extent can one go to get rid of that? The topical creams and ointments do not work, and even if they do, they take a long time. In today's age of quick remedies and easy access to quick cosmetic procedures, people look for ways that can show results instantly. One of the cosmetic treatments that have recently grabbed the eyeballs is the 'Foreskin facial.' The name may scare you and may sound like the procedure consists of rubbing penis on your face, but that isn't actually the case. They are also called the 'penis facial,' though. Semen to Bird Poop! Here are Weird Face Masks Which Will Glow or Eww You!

According to this procedure, a serum made out of the discarded foreskins of South Korean infants is inserted inside the skin. The process is completed by using a specially designed pen that contains hundreds of tiny needles. Basically, the serum is injected into the skin that results in diminishing the signs of ageing. However, you must note that the kids aren't circumcised for this procedure but circumcision just happens to be a common practice in South Korea and the foreskin left out is used in this procedure. In the month of May, Sandra Bullock claimed that she Swears by This Gross Beauty Treatment- Penis Facial.

Once the small needles insert the serum into the skin, the process begins. It is said that foreskin "fibroblasts" can help grow new cells in your skin. Since it contains a growth hormone, it helps your skin retain its youth. Moreover, the ones that come from babies are known to be more fresh and toxin-free. Recently, Kate Beckinsale also praised this treatment along with a selfie she posted.