In today’s world, everybody is concerned about their future – their career options. Although there are thousands of things to do, but the career option which is attracting today’s generation is Digital Marketing, the reason behind it is, although it needs skills and talent, it feels more convenient and easily accessible than other jobs and works. Digital Marketing has good work profile and heavy income, this is also the reason that youngsters are approaching towards it.

Today we are talking about a nineteen-year-old digital marketer – blogger Abhishek Shukla from Uttar Pradesh & discuss his journey of becoming a successful digital marketer in such a young age belonging to a small area of Ayodhya. He is founder of a very successful web portal Bharat Trend which he started during COVID 19. When people were concerned about their jobs and businesses during lockdown youngsters like Abhishek was earning bucks using their digital knowledge. He was actually converting a disaster into an opportunity during this pandemic as our respected Prime minister suggested. Abhishek Shukla has run & also currently running many other digital portals of huge market value, he has also handled a number of social media pages of celebrities and political leaders, but can’t public their names due to privacy.

Abhishek shared some of his experiences of his one year journey in this emerging field having skills in Lead Generation, Website designing, Social media promotions and handling, Abhishek says, “ Everybody wants to earn some money in the present world, some for their needs some for their passion. Digital / Social Media Marketing is a very bright field for youth, choosing this as a part-time or full-time work one can earn enough money by just sitting at home using his mobile or laptop. It also needs hard work and knowledge but due to low competition in this field, there is much higher chances for someone to earn and get what he desires for. Peoples are choosing this as a full-time profession and earning even in lakhs after devoting themselves towards digital marketing.”

Abhishek Shukla has told us that he is training many youngsters about digital ads marketing with his dream of ‘every youth should earn something’, and helping them to get some part-time work to fulfil their needs. Belonging to a small town where the internet is not so common for everyone and becoming a well-established name in digital marketing world also helping & training fellow youth, Abhishek Shukla is such an inspiration for all.