The art of seduction is no joke. You know that the most important part of having good sex is getting into the right mood. Sex otherwise, is simply two bodies rubbing against each other with no productive result. However, when it comes to seducing your partner to have sex with you, it is important to understand that you must take it slow and work intelligently towards it. Also, who said you must touch your partner to get them turned on? In fact, the best way to leave your partner breathless and asking for sex, is doing it without touching them. Right from dirty talking to your body language, you can seduce your partner in different ways depending on the kind of people they are.

Regardless of gender, there are a few tricks that work the best when it comes to seduction. However, the most important point is to try out these tricks on people who are interested in you and you have their full consent. Check out seduction tricks 101:

Dirty Talks

You have to be very subtle here. Do not go out right talking about how you want to grab their private parts, etc. Just start talking about some hot sex scene from the movies, etc. to get your partner in the mood.

Your Clothes

Wear something that you know they love to see you in! Now again, don't go ahead and straight-up move around in sexy lingerie. Be subtle. For example, to see your partner in formals turns many people on, some love the out of the bed hair- look for that.

Body Language

Walk around them and do things they like to see you doing. For example, many men like watching their woman tie their hair and many women like to see their partners buttoning up a shirt. Get creative.


If subtle tricks are not working play a XXX porn video or a sexy movie to turn your partner on.

The idea is to not be too evident while trying to seduce your partner. In fact, go for subtle ways that are best suited to your partner's likes and dislikes. And if nothing works, go ahead and touch them right, really who cares? LOL. What is important is to have great sex at the end of the day and it is New Years, FGS! May you have a sex-filled new year.

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