Kissing is one of the most expressive ways to show how you are passionate about your partner. The more intense and passionate the kiss, the more it will turn you both on. While you're kissing her and she's totally into you, it is also important to keep your hands moving. It can be quite a struggle to focus on different parts of her body while you're both locking lips with each other, but it will only make the experience more sensuous for you both if your hands go places. Here are a few ways to use your hands while kissing your partner. Difference Between Smooching & French Kiss: Types of Kisses and What do They Mean. 

Hold their Hands

holding hands while kissing can be utterly sexy. You'd soon realise how tightly you both are holding onto each other's hands while sharing a passionate kiss, which only goes on to prove that you're both totally into each other.

Hold her By her Waist

As cheesy as it may sound, this can work wonders! Hold her by her waist when she's kissing you and you'd realise that she's lean in even more. That's because this is one of the most romantic gestures and women tend to love romance more than anything else!

Grab Their Butt

This goes for both men and women. Grab their butt while your makeout session and set the temperatures soaring! Holding your partner's butt can be a turn-on of a different level and will surely leave your partner aroused.

Don't forget to Hold Their Face

This happens automatically when you kiss someone. Your hands tend to touch their face and caress their cheeks, earlobes and neck.

Squeeze her Breasts

Have your hands moved slightly down and squeeze her breasts and nipples every once in a while during the kissing session. This will make her more active sexually.

There are various techniques to move around your hands when kissing your partner but make sure that it doesn't come across as if you're being too technical. The best thing would be to just go with the flow.

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