Travel Tip of the Week: 5 Places Singles Should Visit to Celebrate the Valentine's Day Weekend
Singles travel for Valentines Day (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Valentine's Day is just a week away and are you sulking that you have no partner to spend it with? Well, so much love in the air can give you those feels, we agree. But let us look at the good side of it, its a weekend! So, you can clearly escape from those "love" feels and cherish your own company and go explore some places. So in this week's travel tip, we have got you places where singles can travel and spend some good time. Solo travelling is a good trend and if you haven't taken one yet, this weekend is a perfect time. That way, you can get away from the love and romance and immerse yourself in exploring a new place. So ahead of Valentine's Day 2020 weekend, we give you 5 places which are a nice way to spend the day of love. Travel Tip of the Week: 6 Romantic Holiday Experiences You and Your Bae Should Take to Celebrate The Day of Love.


If you want to get away from a place to avoid all sorts of public display of affection in the Valentine Week, an escape to Dubai is the best option. The rules being so strict here, there is a very less chance of couples mingling around, mushiness in the air here.

Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas nightlife is enough to make you forget the "love in the air." There are enough places for singles to entertain themselves. There are many clubs and casinos where you can have too much fun, and you definitely won't be alone here. And you never know, if you find someone interesting you can have a little fun. After all, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Zagreb, Croatia

If you are unfortunate to have recently broken-up and want to escape on a trip, then head to picturesque Croatia. You can cycle through the scenic island with sapphire blue waters on your route. The capital Zagreb has one spot you should definitely visit if you're still recovering from a breakup. There's a Museum of Broken Relationships where people can submit their personal belongings. You can get rid of your ex's stuff here.

Queensland, New Zealand

Forget all the love and romance and choose thrill as an emotion this Valentine's Day. Go to Queensland in New Zealand which has some of the most adventurous activities like ziplining, bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking. Taking any of these rides will sure get your heart pounding, rather than sulking at some emptiness. Travel Tip Of The Week: Travelling Alone? Things To Keep in Mind Before a Solo Trip.


Iceland is one of the best destinations to explore for a solo traveller. There are so many wonderful elements that will make you fall in love with nature over anything else. It is an isolated place which will also give you some peace among the scenic landscapes. There are several local group tours which you can be a part of, if you don't want to feel too alone. But overall, Iceland has a wonderful appeal that will make you forget about anything else, and just celebrate the wonderful sights of nature.

These are some of the places which will be a delight if you want to go on an Anti-Valentine travel trip. Remember, the idea is not to clearly avoid all love birds but find solace in your company, in exploring newer destinations, meeting new people and returning with a bag full of memories. Let your Anti-Valentine travel be full of lovely experiences. Have a great Valentines!