US Couple’s First Kiss Was CPR! Woman Wins Man’s Heart By Saving Him With The ‘Kiss of Life’
(Photo Credit: Facebook/Andi Traynor)

This beautiful love story of Andi Traynor and Max Montgomery had the most unusually beginning. You'll be surprised to know that their first kiss was actually a CPR rescue procedure. Yes! Andi Traynor who is an Obstetrical Anesthesiologist at Stanford University met Max Montgomery absolutely casually via a Facebook friend as reported by The Washington Post and last October when they decided to go surfing on California's Capitola Beach is when this incident took place. After they had were done with the surfing, they were walking on the beach. Montogomery,56, mysteriously fell on the ground. Traynor was soon to find out that he had lost his pulse and that he was having a heart attack. Did you know The Importance of Golden Hour During Heart Attack And Seconds During Cardiac Arrest

After a moment of confusion, she immediately asked someone to call 911 and then began a CPR. According to reports by The Washington Post, she did a rescue breath and then chest compression for seven minutes to keep his blood circulation before paramedics arrived. He was carried to an ambulance when even the defibrillator didn't work on him. However, in the hospital, the paramedics use the defibrillator three more times on him and it worked, it helped him revive finally.

All this while Andi has completely believed that he was no more and had even broken down. She also used his Facebook to connect with his relatives and was extremely surprised to know that he was alive. She couldn't believe one could live through that kind of an attack. He also has a triple bypass surgery.

Traynor soon showed up to the hospital and spent time with his family and liked them a lot and also the fact that Montogomery has so many loving people around him. After the successful surgery, Montogomery recalled telling her: 'Who wants to be with a guy who had heart attack. I won't blame you if you run for the hills.' To which she replied, 'I'm not going anywhere' and that acted as a turning point for the two. They consider the CPR their first kiss, however, later they did have their real kiss as well. The whole scene at the beach was recorded by the videographer Alexander Baker who had set a time lapse video to capture the nature. Have you heard the Love Story of Storks, The Faithful Bird Travels 13K km Every Year To Meet His Mate?