America's First Sikh Police Officer Sandeep Dhaliwal Brutally Shot in Texas, Twitterati Pay Heartfelt Tribute to Sikh Deputy Sheriff
Sandeep Dhaliwal tribute (Photo Credits: Twitter)

American's first Sikh officer Sandeep Dhaliwal was brutally killed on the line of duty when two bullets were shot into him in Texas, US. The deputy officer had stopped a vehicle when one of the occupants approached the officer and shot two bullets into his head from behind. The Harris County Sheriff's deputy, officer was declared Memorial Hermann Hospital after the 12:45 PM shooting. People on Twitter expressed their shock at this brutality and also paid their tributes to the late officer, including his colleagues and seniors.

The incident took place in a residential area in the northwest of Houston. Dhaliwal was 42-year-old and described as a "hero and a trailblazer" by Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. The police have managed to catch the shooter Robert Solis, 47, of Houston with the help of Dhaliwal's dashboard camera footage. The gunman and the woman along with him have been taken into custody. Sikh Police Officer, Gagandeep Singh Who Saved Muslim Boy From Being Attacked by Mob in Uttarakhand Awarded ‘Frontier Service Respect Mark’.

Dhaliwal also wore a turban as a mark of his Sikh faith. In fact, Adrian Garcia the police commissioner ar Harris County had implemented a religious accommodation policy, so that Dhaliwal can carry his religious symbol with pride. A father of three children, he worked in the department for over a decade. He worked alongside with United Sikhs, a global humanitarian relief and advocacy nonprofit, to help organize the donation of truckloads of supplies for first responders after Harvey. People on social media have expressed their heartfelt tribute to the late officer.

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Loss of a Wonderful Man

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As Dhaliwal's senior officer Garcia called him a  guy with a heart of gold. She was quoted in a report, "This guy had a heart of gold, he treated his brothers and sisters in law enforcement as if they were just brothers and sisters. He thought of them before he thought of himself. He thought of the broader community before he thought of himself." It is indeed saddening what happened to officer Dhaliwal and his team members also expressed grief at the incidence.