People on Twitter seem to always come up with a unique way to stay entertained. And creating memes are their favourite past times of all. At the moment, #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob is going viral with people hilariously making fun of the stock photos. We all know, Stock Photos generally are not the best at showing realistic views of what different jobs are like. But most of the pictures are hilariously inaccurate. In 2018 too, the hashtag became a hit among netizens as they pointed out the worst offenders. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob memes and jokes resurfaced with more new photos as a solid source of laughs. If you had a tiring day and yet to discover something crazy on the internet, here you go, check out the latest meme fad with Stock Photos. WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature Has Got People Unleashing Dark Humour With Funny Memes and Jokes. 

Stock Photos are great and useful in the creative field too. People who always need images to use in different projects definitely come across Stock Images or Stock Photos. They are a great resource to get high-quality pics that you can use in your designs for various purposes. However, many of the images are way misleading. Especially, while showcasing the different professions. Like teaching on an empty board cannot be taken seriously! Scientists, doctors, surgeons, musicians and many more have taken to Twitter sharing the highly inaccurate Stock Images of their profession. And the memes are hilariously relatable! #ToiletPaper Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Social Media As Netizens Mock Australians for Stockpiling Loo Rolls Over Coronavirus Fear. 

#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Memes and Jokes!

So, You Don't?



Why God, Why??

Oh, Shoot!


Aren’t they just plain hilarious? Our regular life professions are not easy and smile. No matter how much we love to do what we do, the reality is completely opposite to what Stock Images or Stock Photos try to represent.

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