Bajaj Avengers Urges Citizen to Show Their Love for the Nation by Not Using Plastic Flags this Independence Day
Indian National Flag (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, August 15: On the occasion of India stepping on to their 72nd Independence Day, Bajaj Avengers has released their new ad urging the citizens to not use plastic flags. The powerful ad leaves a strong message that 'To care for your country is also a way to respect it'. The brand urges the citizen to not show their patriotism by promoting the use of plastic flags because they are not good for the environment.

The core thought of the campaign is in tune with the latest advisory from the Home Ministry to states and Union Territories where they have urged citizens to not to use national flags made up of plastic and ensure strict compliance of the flag code. According to a PTI report, the flag represents hopes and aspirations of the people of India and hence should occupy a position of honour.

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The government advisory further stated that since plastic flags are not biodegradable like paper flags, they do not get decomposed for a long time and therefore ensuring appropriate disposal of the national flag made of plastic commensurate with the dignity of the flag, is a practical problem.

Other brands across categories have also come up with patriotic ad films on the occasion. From Airtel India, Vivo, Lava, Parle-G, to Manyavar, brands have weaved beautiful stories around the subject. From touching upon an important issue like women safety at night to throwing light on the lives of soldiers, the emotional brand films have touched the hearts of the viewers.