BMC Gets Into the ‘Mature Bag’ Bandwagon! Check the Educative Meme That Calls Dustbin the ‘Most Mature Bag’
BMC Mature bag meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Mature bag memes and jokes are everywhere, yes, we are living in a world where a leather bag has taken over the internet because a guy called it "mature bag" and also said that it can be used to "become attractive in college." And you know how such funny trends work, in no time most brands have begun to use the "mature bag" angle to tell their story! After JCB ki Khudai, the internet is totally ROFLing over the "mature bag" memes and jokes and TBH they are super hilarious! However, the recent mature bag meme is made by "माझी Mumbai, आपली BMC" (Majhi Mumbai, Aapli BMC) on Twitter and it also has a lesson for people. The Twitter account is "a dedicated handle for Mumbai's Monsoon Woes," and its recent jibe on the mature bag trending over the internet is also an advisory that you must not miss out. Mature Bag Memes Take Over The Internet After Funny Video of 'How to Look Attractive' Goes Viral, Check Jokes and Tweets.

"माझी Mumbai, आपली BMC" posted a picture of a dustbin that looks like the leather mature bag that is going viral and has a recycle sign on it. The caption reads: "Dustbin is the most #maturebag to use for disposing garbage and the ones who segregate & dispose are the maturest! #CivicMaturity #CollectiveResponsibility." Well, this is probably the best mature bag picture post made, right?

Check Twitter Post by "माझी Mumbai, आपली BMC":

Twitterati reaction to the post:

Someone also took a jibe


After JCB ki Khudai, Mature Bag memes and videos have taken the desi internet by storm and why not they are super hilarious. It all started after a boy posted a video teaching how to be attractive to people in colleges. It was so lame that in no time it turned into a funny meme that is now ruling all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.