A robbery which is being dubbed to have taken inspiration from Money Heist, a Netflix hit saw dozens of armed bank robbers loot Criciúma in Brazil. They put up a show by scattering money on the streets to create a state of hubbub during their escape making people rush to collect as much money as they can off the street. These robbers armed with assault rifles invaded Criciúma in Brazil and are said to be "highly trained" very similar to the characters in the show above mentioned.

These men in black hoods launched an assault against a local bank and had held about six locals hostage. However, they soon released the hostages before escaping, during which they threw money on the streets to create chaos. This step was taken in order to take control over the streets and this also caused shots across the city with at least two people being shot and injured.

Residents were seen rushing to pick up the money on the streets and some videos of the same are going viral, like this one:

People are shocked by the amount of money the robbers left on the streets and some videos also show people hastily picking up the fallen money. About two and a half hours after the assault began, the criminals disappeared into the night, driving south in a 10-vehicle convoy. The G1 website said four locals were arrested after being seen making off with 810,000 reais (£114,000) that had been abandoned when the criminals fled. Victor Bianco Cruz, a police chief in Criciúma, which is about 125 miles (200km) south of the city of Florianópolis, told Brazilian television, as quoted by the Guardian: “We’ve never seen anything like it. So much shooting. A very well-organised gang with heavy weapons.”

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