It is a striking similarity of a Meth peddler and popular Netflix crime drama Breaking Bad’s meth kingpin Walter White that is making the headlines now. With his shaved head, glasses, goatee and that firm look, the alleged drug dealer makes such a close resemblance to the actor Bryan Cranston. Identified as Todd W. Barrick Jr., the 50-year-old is now wanted by Galesburg, Illinois Police for violating probation for methamphetamine possession. People online are treated with a lot of real-life Breaking Bad drama as his mugshot is going viral. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: Jesse Pinkman's Tragic Backstory Gets a Soothing Touch in Chloe X Halle's Enchanted. 

Illinois’ Galesburg Police Department posted a series of mugshots of Barrick and several other alleged criminals. The post immediately blew up for the doppelganger of the Breaking Bad good guy/ bad guy. The 50-year-old is pictured in his mugshot with several tattoos on his body. Police officials posted Barrick’s photo on social media sites in the hopes that someone would help them turn him in. But people were more shocked looking at the striking resemblance.

Here's His Pic::

As the Facebook post went viral, social media users began to crack jokes about the suspect on the run. “Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at los pollos hermanos,” one user commented on the post in reference to the show. But Barrick looks like an alternate-reality version of white and may have used some of his signature blue meth. The suspect has not yet been arrested. Anyone with the information on his whereabouts is advised to contact the police department immediately.

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