The coronavirus pandemic has halted our otherwise normal lifestyle. What was the ‘new normal,’ until last year, is certainly not ‘new’ anymore. With this, the challenges amid the pandemic are increasing. The government officials and health experts advise people to stay at home as much as possible, but that is not an option for the homeless population. Some people are volunteering, and Shirley Raines is one of them. The beauty influencer who serves the homeless community in Skid Row, Loss Angeles, through her initiative Beauty 2 The Streetz, has shared another video showing the followers how to make a makeshift toilet for the homeless citizens. The video has gone viral on Twitter, and it garnered over two million views in a day, the count is only increasing. A bucket, garbage bag, lids, and a sealed bag—the viral tutorial video is ingenuity but heartbreaking at the same time, as it has sparked mixed reactions from the netizens.

The video was posted as a way to demonstrate how she uses the portable toilet lids donated to her organisation. The clip features step-by-step instructions on how to create the portable loo. Raines uses the lids, a bucket, a garbage bag, cat litter and a sealed bag. “This is how we are making toilets for the homeless community. Thank you for ur donations,” reads the caption. 'Support Baskets' Filled With Food Are Hung From Balconies in Italy To Feed Homeless Amid Coronavirus Lockdown. 

Watch the Video:

While many people online praised Raines for her creativity, people could not unsee the heartbreaking reality. At the same time, other viewers noted that the video made them reflect on their own lives and privileges.

It is heartbreaking to see that such provisions had to be made in the first place. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges for homeless people doubled. Although there have been efforts from government officials and good Samaritans worldwide to reduce the obstacles, more initiatives are surely needed while ensuring that we need to follow the safety protocols.

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