Good Samaritans Are Helping Senior Citizens, Support Staff, Needy & Strays During Coronavirus Lockdown In India
Police distributing food to the needy amid coronavirus lockdown in India (Photo Credits: IANS)

Coronavirus or the dreaded COVID-19 has affected every single person's life, irrespective of their strata across the globe and India has not been spared from its impact either. The country is currently under a 21-days nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the disease in view of the rising numbers that have already crossed 1,000. It is quite a disheartening time with the rising death toll figures, job losses, and salary cuts. Every person out there is fighting their own battle to cope up with the pandemic.

On top of it, news like housing societies and tenants barring the entry of doctors and flight attendants who have been on the frontline to save COVID-19 patients puts a big question mark on human existence. However, just like a coin has two sides, the world too is filled with two kinds of people. From the ones not supporting each other during distress to samaritans extending all possible help reinforces the fact that humanity does exist. We at LatestLY have tried to curate some positive news that took place over the last few days amid the coronavirus lockdown in India. Delhi Government to Pay House Rent of Migrant Labourers During Coronavirus Lockdown, Arvind Kejriwal Urges Workers to 'Stay Wherever They Are'

Beyond Religion

In a recent incident, the body of a Hindu man was cremated by his Muslim neighbours in Bulanshahr, when his relatives chose not to attend the funeral, fearing the coronavirus outbreak. The deceased's neighbours took out the funeral procession and even chanted ‘Ram Naam Satya hai’. There cannot be a better example to show what brotherhood and bonding stand for. 

Here's the video of the heart touching incident:

Men in Uniform Come to the Rescue of Common Man

News of policemen ruthlessly beating people on the streets for flouting the lockdown were there everywhere, but some of these men in uniform were also busy helping people in this distress.

Virali Modi, a differently-abled activist who lives alone in Malad West, Mumbai, took to Twitter to write what difficulties she was facing due to the lockdown and asked Mumbai Police to help her.  Her tweet read, "I’m disabled and I live alone, I need my maid who cooks and does other physiological care for me. Due to the virus, she won’t be able to come. What do we do about these situations?" Mumbai Police immediately attended to her problem, and officials reached Virali's house to make all the arrangements where her maid and driver could travel to her house. The prompt action by the Mumbai Police won the hearts of people on the internet.

This is what Virali tweeted after Mumbai Police helped her: 

In another instance, police came to the rescue of an 83-year-old man in Lucknow, who contacted them after experiencing low sugar.  The men in uniform delivered sweets to the old man who stays alone as his son and daughter-in-law live in the United States of America.

Amid the lockdown, police across several states were also seen distributing free food packets and other essential commodities to the poor people living in the slums. Several religious institutions like gurudwara, temples, and mosques are being used to prepare food and distribute among the needy amid the nationwide lockdown.

Not everyone is following the lockdown seriously and in several states, police are struggling to convince people to stay indoors. Innovative ways are being tried and one such was by Assistant Commissioner of Police Bengaluru, Tabarak Fathima. She not only sings to boost the morale of the citizens during this stressful time but her attempt to create awareness on how to combat coronavirus has gone viral on social media.

Check the video: 

Here's Another dance Video by Kerala Police to Educate People About Washing Hands:


WhatsApp Groups & Social Media Posts to Help the Elderly, People in Need and Hungry Strays

There are several WhatsApp groups and social media posts to help the elderly who are alone, feed the needy and hungry strays during the lockdown period. A WhatsApp group named Let's Help has been formed with the intention to help the aged and ailing people in Kolkata, who have no support at all in the city. From delivering important medicines, groceries and even home-cooked food, volunteers are beating all odds in the midst of the lockdown for this noble deed.

In Mumbai, Dabbawalas are the lifeline for several people and with the lockdown, many are in the middle of a huge crisis. A Twitter user recently posted about a 90-year-old woman staying all alone at Peddar Road and her requirement of simple food as the Dabbawalas are not delivering. Within a couple of hours, people came forward and volunteered to help the nonagenarian.

Read the post here: 

Here's a post catering to help security guards, labourers and daily wage workers: 

Families in Housing Societies & Large Complexes Unite

In order to fight the pandemic, several housing societies have come together to help each other during this difficult time. From people helping their support staff to some offering their houses on rent to nurses and doctors for free, good samaritans are coming out in large numbers to help people.

Just after the lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi, there was panic all over and long queues were formed outside stores as people rushed to stock their essential items. Keeping this in mind, few societies in Mulund, Bhandup and other areas have arranged for a vendor inside the society so that members are not required to step out of the society premises. Maharashtra Government Issues List of Dos and Don'ts to Housing Societies to Combat Spread of COVID-19 Amid Lockdown.

To curb the spread of the deadly virus, several housing societies across the country have started using toothpicks to press the lift buttons.  The inspiration has been from several online videos and photos circulating on social media.

Promising Not to Deduct Salaries of House Helpers During the Lockdown Period

Due to the 21-days lockdown, maidservants, nannies, drivers are not being able to come to work. There is a pledge that is going viral on social media, where people are taking the #protectthepay pledge and promising not to deduct the salary of their helpers. In order to take it forward, they are in turn nominating five more people from their friend list.

It is positive news like these which give us the courage and motivate us to tide over tough times by staying strong. As the government struggles to fight the coronavirus pandemic, let us promise to stay indoors and keep ourselves healthy.  LatestLY urges readers to stay safe, maintain hygiene, practise social distancing and not to spread any fake news, which can further aggravate the tense situation.